In December of 2016, CP Designs/Canah was started as a partnership between a Charlie's Project and a few entrepreneurs from Louisville, Kentucky with the goal of establishing a company with a sense of community and purpose.  We provide high quality wholesale apparel to the small independent retail community while supporting a variety of charitable endeavors through financial gifts, clothing donations, and other benefits to our community.

In October of 2017, due to significant customer growth and the need for exclusive product, CP Designs/Canah started releasing its own designs to our community of retailers.  The success of the CP Designs branded product resulted in the May 2018 rebranding of CP Designs as Canah.  The go forward goal of the Canah team and brand is to establish innovative designs geared toward comfort, fit, and style.  

The Canah management team is headed by Brandon McDaniel, a veteran executive of multiple high growth early stage corporations.  Collectively, the ownership and management team has over eighty years of experience in retail, distribution, e-commerce, technology, and executive leadership.

We think it is very important to be an asset to our community, and while this does include donating money to support folks with a good cause, there is a lot more to it than donating money.  At Canah it includes enabling folks to better their lot in life through training and employment or allowing a mom to work from home.  We think the story is best told by the Executive Director of one of our supported missions, New Life Directions Ministries.         


                “On behalf of New Life Directions Ministries, Inc., we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and CP Designs for your generous support throughout our business partnership in 2017.  It is through businesses like yours that our nonprofit organization is able to help the homeless single parents of Louisville obtain employment, housing, sustain their independence and break the chains of poverty for their families.

                This year’s partnership was a huge success!  You helped NLDM by providing full time employment to 5 of our single parents through your organization.  Providing them with the opportunity to support their families and the options to advance within your business as it expands and grows along the way.

                We also want to thank you for your generous financial support along with the many leggings and tops that were given to our other 180 single parents and their families that have been involved in with NLDM in 2017.”

                 - Tena McNair, Executive Director, NLDM


There a many exciting changes afoot and products either in development or about to be rolled out.  We hope you will join us on this adventure.