Dropship Program Q and A:

1)  Who is eligible?

·  Anyone who has an approved account with Canah Designs is eligible to use the dropship program.  You will receive an email about your account upgrade to dropship status typically within 24 hours of account signup and approval.  Most likely, if you are receiving this communication you have an approved account.

2)  How do I use it?

·  You selected a sitename for your replicated site at signup, this site has the URL yoursitename.canahdesigns.com (where yoursitename is the name you selected at signup for your site).  Simply refer your customers to this site for them to purchase, any purchases will be attributed to you systemically.  We will take care of the shipping to your customer for you!!

3)  How do I get paid for the dropship program?

·  Payouts are run every Wednesday (possible delays surrounding holidays), on transactions through Tuesday of that week.  The following Wednesday you will receive a PayPal payout to the account you have specified in your profile.  Any payout amounts under $20 total go to store account credit (so the minimum payout is $20).  The amount of the payout is 35% of the item gross (not including shipping) less a merchant fee of 3.5%.  If you do not have a PayPal account attached, your payout is not qualified, so it is critical that you fill in your PayPal account data at initial login to your backoffice.

4)  What are my responsibilities as a retailer when a customer uses the dropship program?

·  You are Level 1 customer service.  This means you handle any inquiries from the customer to try and resolve (this is why our dropship program pays significantly more than most, your customer service skills are of utmost importance).  If you need our help, you submit the issue (along with any pic or any other necessary information) and the order number to cs@canahdesigns.com, from there we get involved and provide resolution.

5)  Which customers are eligible for dropship?

·  We currently can only ship domestic and to APO/FPO addresses.  We do not ship to Canada or overseas.

6)  How will this be critical over the Holidays?

·  Time will be of the essence over the holidays.  You may not be ready to or have the time to place another $250 order and get it shipped to you and then out to the customer.  We can shorten that time lag through the dropship program so you do not miss the sale.

·  Some items are limited quantity, especially some of the holiday items.  If you cannot order now, stock may not be available later.  This allows you to have the stock at will by pulling from our stock.

7)  How do I track my dropship orders?

·  This data will be in the customer orders tab in your backoffice.  To get there login to the backoffice and click on store (the gray shopping cart on the left), look for the customer orders tab.

Referral Program Highlights:

·  Most of you have noticed to become a retailer link on your replicated site.  If you have someone that is interested in becoming a retailer or consultant, simply give them the link to your site and tell them to click on "Become a Retailer" in the top menu and they will be put in your organization underneath you.  Once they are placed in your organization, you will receive a commission on any sales made by your recruit via wholesale purchase or through a dropship sale to their customer.  The payout on this is 1%, and that will generally go to a store account credit (most will be under $20). 

·  This is not intended to be a MLM style recruiting program, this is just a way for us to say thank you to our retailers for getting our name out there.  As such, you do not have to manage a team or have a whole lot of responsibility for or to retailers that sign up underneath you.  That being said, if you could field a few questions that they may have that would probably be nice and appropriate (and certainly appreciated on our end as a small business).